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I Don't Know

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I Don't Know

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Most people are not too excited about Monday mornings. However, for Ms. Beecher’s class, it’s just the opposite. Her students love Mondays, especially seeing each other after the weekend. Everyone talks about what they did and the fun they had. But, on this particular Monday, not everyone is in good spirits. Randi is not feeling or acting as usual, and no one understands why—not even Randi. Will anyone be able to figure out what’s wrong with Randi before the day is over?

Dr. Jennifer Bishop and Dr. Aaron Bishop, along with their son Peyton Bishop, use years of experience and love for education to create an uplifting and entertaining story that children can relate to, and parents can appreciate. Enter to Learn, Exit to Lead details important principles for early school-age children to be excited and encouraged about education while molding their best selves.

In I Don’t Know, the second book of the Enter to Learn, Exit to Lead series, children learn to identify their emotions and express them healthily. The theme of accountability and forgiveness also frames this story into a learning experience to strengthen relationships by making children better friends and leaders.


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