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Next Is Now!

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Next Is Now!

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What drives you to question your abilities? What suspends you from moving forward? Can you ever truly break free from the clutches of self-doubt? Are you ready to confront the elusive imposter within? Dr. Jennifer Bishop, the author of Now Get Up and Go Be Great, is back with an empowering and transformative guide that dives deep into the issue of imposter syndrome and self-doubt, Next Is Now: Overcoming the Overdose of Doubt.Here is the startling truth: imposter syndrome affects a staggering 82% of individuals, regardless of their accomplishments. From societal pressures and unrealistic expectations to internalized self-criticism, Next Is Now delves deep into the intricate web of sky-high expectations and self-inflicted criticism that fuel self-doubt and erode self-assurance.

However, this book is not just an exploration of the problem; it is a guide to finding solutions. Through practical exercises, reflective prompts, and actionable strategies, Next Is Now equips readers with the tools needed to confront imposter syndrome head-on and reclaim their self-worth.

Whether you have personally grappled with imposter syndrome or wish to develop a deeper understanding of its impact on individuals, Dr. Bishop provides a revealing experience that transcends mere words on a page. 

The time of overdosing on doubt is over!  The time of being paralyzed by the fear of being ready for the next is over! Next is right now, and the time to sober up from the overdose is here! 


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