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Help Me Help You

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Help Me Help You

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It’s a normal day at school, but one thing is off: Ms. Beecher is not there. She has the flu, and her students really miss her. Robby shares an idea he hopes will lift Ms. Beecher’s and his classmates’ spirits. However, it requires everyone’s support. When a couple of friends endure minor setbacks, Robby realizes that being supportive goes beyond simply being helpful. Find out if Robby’s idea gets the support it needs. Or will Robby lose the support of his friends along the way? Dr. Jennifer Bishop and Dr. Aaron Bishop use their years of experience and love for education to create an uplifting and entertaining story that children can relate to, and parents can appreciate. Enter to Learn, Exit to Lead details important principles for early school-age children to be excited and encouraged about education while molding the best versions of themselves.

 “Help Me Help You” is a self-reflective story introducing the importance of offering and receiving support through effective communication, humility, and empathy. Children will learn that asking for help is acceptable, encouraged, and nothing to be ashamed of. 

The Bishop family demonstrates how donating time, care, and attention can positively impact someone else. Children will discover that no matter how much or less they do or give, doing it from the heart makes it even more special. Whether through kind words or a gift, the reader will understand that support comes in many forms.

Teaching children to utilize and cherish these values will encourage them to be considerate and helpful members of the community needed in society today.                                 


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