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I Don't Know

Cost: $13.99
Most people are not too excited about Monday mornings. However, for Ms. Beecher’s class, it’s just the opposite. Her students love Mondays, especially seeing each other after the weekend. Everyone talks about what they did and the fun they had. But, on this particular Monday, not everyone is in good spirits. Randi is not feeling or acting as usual, and no one understands why—not even Randi. Will anyone be able to figure out what’s wrong with Randi before the day is over?

Peyton's First Day

Cost: $13.99
Peyton is not excited to be the new kid in class. He doesn’t know anyone, and he feels alone. Seeing the other students getting along, he wonders if he will ever fit in. Lucky for Peyton, his new teacher, Ms. Beecher, is welcoming and introduces him right away to four friendly students. Will Peyton’s fear of being the new kid keep him from having a good first day of school? Or will everything turn out better than expected?

For Such A Time As This

Cost: $23.99
Attention leaders, thinkers, and implementers! Are you ready to maximize your impact and effect positive change? Then you need to read For Such A Time As This. This must-have guide, catering to leaders in business, education, politics, faith, and beyond, is your valuable tool for transformational leadership. As a leader, it's crucial to have the agility to adapt and transform to stay ahead in today's ever-challenging organizational landscape. Dr. Aaron Bishop's book, For Such A Time As This, provides game-changing insights on implementing transformation from within, making it a must-read for those seeking personal growth or leading a team. The urgency of now demands that you step up as a leader. Unleash the leader within by using For Such A Time As This as your ultimate guide to becoming a transformational leader for today's world. Start your journey now and seize your moment!

Now Get Up and Go Be Great!

Cost: $15.99
Now Get Up and Go Be Great, the remarkable debut book from Dr. Jennifer Bishop, is a compelling collection of motivation, encouragement, and empowerment that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Dr. Jennifer's courageous conversations with readers deliver raw inspiration infused with a healthy dose of realism. Join her as you uncover your true potential and ignite your passion for greatness.